Join our Team

We are always looking for committed, professional educators to join our team. Click on the Open Positions link above to see our current roles.

Our Focus

Memphis Scholars schools are authorized by the Achievement School District, the Tennessee Department of Education's turnaround-focused intervention. As such, our schools were in the bottom 5 percent of all schools in the state for academic performance. Every day, our team comes to work focused on providing an exceptional education experience designed to empower our students to achieve their full potential during their elementary and middle school careers.  

Our Benefits


We offer generous compensation for our 10-month employees based upon previous experience and post-baccalaureate education. We offer raises based upon performance.

  • Salary

    • Starting salary ranges from $43,000 to $62,500.

  • Recognized Experience

    • We recognize all public school, private school, charter school, virtual school full-time lead teaching experiences towards your initial years of experience count.

  • Post-Baccalaureate Compensation

    • We provide an additional $1,500 in compensation for having a post-baccalaureate degree. We only provide this additional compensation one time per year for a masters, specialist, or doctoral degree. The post-baccalaureate degree does not have to be in the field of teaching or your content area.

  • Annual Rewards

    • Each year, teachers are rewarded with compensation increases based upon their Memphis Scholars Teacher Evaluation Model rating (see below).

  • Retirement

    • All Memphis Scholars teachers participate in the TCRS (Tennessee Consolidated Retirement System) through the State of Tennessee.

  • Time-Off

    • All Memphis Scholars employees accrue 10 days of time off per school year. Teachers also have the following vacations throughout the year:

      • Labor Day

      • Fall Break (one week)

      • Veteran's Day

      • Thanksgiving Break (three days)

      • Winter Break (two weeks)

      • MLK, Jr. Day

      • Spring Break (one week)

      • Good Friday

Our Work

Day in the life

Students arrive at 7:40am and leave each day at 3pm. Teachers are on campus from 7:25am until 4:30pm. The last part of the day is used for meetings, learning, and planning.

performance culture

All team members at Memphis Scholars engage in regular coaching, learning, development, and evaluation throughout the year. Our teachers are evaluated using the Memphis Scholars Teacher Effectiveness Model. This model is similar to the TEAM model used by the Tennessee Department of Education. 

Each teacher receives a performance score consisting of 50% formal evaluations (three per year), 35% achievement measure (individual TVAAS or portfolio goal), and 15% growth measure (school-wide TVAAS score).